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IFBoards - the program of dispatch of announcements!
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  •  IFBoards-программа рассылки объявлений в софт-каталоге ProtoPlex




    Filling the Message Form
    Submitting Message to  Bulletin Boards
    Operations with Bulletin Board Lists
    Adding New Boards to the List (function works only in the registered version)
    Editing the submission form of a particular bulletin board in the Board list
    Special possibilities.
    Operation with e-mail addresses
    Demonstration mode
    How to Register


    IfBoards - is a software you can use to automatically carry out most of your marketing campaign and free advertising in the internet environments, with minimum cost and time. With IfBoards you can automatically perform four functions:

    1. Automatically submit your business offers (buy, sell, business opportunity) to over 1500 trade boards in Russia & CIS and also other business bulletin boards worldwide. By just one click.

    2. Automatically Update and Add new boards to the list. You keep on adding to the list - as many as you want. No limit. Just write the url address of the board where the post form is located and click go.  IfBoardswill get all necessary data and add the board to your list.

    3. IfBoards will Automatically extract for you e-mail addresses from bulletin boards, search engines, yellow pages, newsgroups etc. Just write the URL addresses in a box and click OK.

    Just like any other software, IfBoards
    has its own limitations, too.
    The developer does not guarantee operation of the program with all bulletin boards. This is because some boards (very few in number) are dynamic in nature or protected and will not accept messages posted from outside their domain.  IfBoards can not overcome restrictions..

    Liability Exemption Clause.
    Uniros Company Ltd., Russia, the developer or any of their agents shall not be held responsible for, real or intended,  contents of messages sent to Bulletin Boards with the use of IfBoards.
    It is therefore recommended that users should not use in their messages obscene expressions, advertising pornosites, and also to adhere to the rules and guidelines of selected bulletin boards.

    The program does not require installation as such, but it is highly recommended that you create a separate folder for IfBoards
    and keep the program and all files generated or created in the process of using the program in one folder.

    User's Guide.

    Filling the Message Form.

    To start the process of submitting your message to bulletin boards, you must first complete the message submission form.

    1. In the menu bar select "Message Form", then "Message" or simply press the "Message" button in the left frame of the main window. In the right part of the main window the frame "Your Message" should open.

    2. In the appropriate fields enter your message text and other  information as may be required. Do not post empty message to Bulletin Boards. Most of them will reject it.

    3. After completing the message form, click  "Ok". The window will close.  To cancel the message form inputs press "Cancel".

    - "Message text"  field should not exceed 255 characters.
    - "Your age", "Price (salary)", "Expire(days)", "Login" and "Password" are limited to 10 characters each.
    - Subject line up to 100 characters.
    This limitations exist on most Bulletin Boards. Although some boards will accept longer message text. Many will not. If you write longer messages for boards where there are limitations, extra characters will be cut off. It does not hurt to try, anyway.

    Saving the Message Form
    To save the current message form with all the input information, select from the menu bar  "File", then "Save Message form". Enter the filename and press "Save".
    Note: If at the moment of saving the Message form the right window frame "Your Message" is open and there is Message form displayed, the Message form will not be saved. Exit by clicking OK. The message form is saved with file extention .obv

    Opening the Message Form
    open  a previously saved message form

    1. select from the menu bar "File", then "Open Message "

    2. select the file and press "Open".

    Submitting Message to Bulletin Boards.

    To Submit Message to the bulletin boards, the Message form should be loaded or completed (see above).

    1. Select from the menu bar "File", then "Open Board List" (file with extention.spk) and then open the necessary bulletin board list. Russia & CIS trade boards list file name: baza-ru.spk ; International boards list baza-en.spk.  A pop-up window with two vertical internal windows will be displayed.

    2. The left vertical window will show the list of bulletin boards, and the right window - browser to show the submission process.

    3. In the list of bulletin boards (left vertical window) select the Bulletin Boards you want to submit your message. You can also select all by clicking on "Select all" button.

    Submitting Message in the Manual Mode.

    1. Press the "Start" button. In the browser window the button "Send request" will appear which will automatically be replaced by the response page from Bulletin Board. It is not necessary to press the button "Send request".

    2. To send Your message to other boards selected from the list, press the button "Next".

    After submitting the message to the last board "Message submission is completed!" will be displayed.

    Submitting Message in the Automatic Mode (in the demonstration version automatic submission is disabled).

    1. From the "Timeout" ( menu bar) select maximum time interval, which the program will wait for response from the server before proceeding to the next board

    2. Press the "Auto" button. As submission progresses, responses from servers will be displayed in the right vertical window.

    Note: For time saving, not all responses are displayed, even though messages are submitted to all the boards you have chosen in the board list.

    Operations with Bulletin Board Lists.

    Opening the Board List.

    1. Select from the menu bar "File", then "Open Board list" and then open the necessary list of bulletin boards.

    2. A pop-up window with two vertical internal windows will appear.

    3. The left vertical window will show the list of bulletin boards, and the right window - browser to show the submission process.

    4. In the list of bulletin boards (left vertical window) select the Bulletin Boards you want to submit your message. You can also select all by clicking on "Select all" button.

    Saving the Board List.

    1. Select from the menu bar "File", then "Save Board List"

    2. Enter the  filename for the list and press "Save".

    Note: To save the list under a new name just enter the name and then "Save"

    Adding Boards to the List.

    1. Open the the Board List as described above. Select from the menu bar "File", then "Add To List"

    2. Select the necessary list and press "Open".

    Sorting the List.
    To sort  boards in the list in alphabetic order

    1. Select the "Bulletin boards" menu, then "Sort by name".

    Note: The process of sorting of large board list requires some time. Please wait for the process to complete.

    Deleting boards from the list.
    Open the list of bulletin boards ("Board List" button or "Bulletin board" menu, "Operations with boards"). Select the boards in the list and press the button "Delete".
    Note: The process of deleting from large list requires some time. Please wait for the process to complete.

    Adding New boards to the Board List (this function is disabled in the demonstration mode. You must register the program in order for the function to work)

    Manual Mode

    1. Select from the menu bar  "Bulletin board" , "Add new" or press the button "Add new" on the left side of the main window. The frame "Addition of a new board to the list " will open.

    2. Enter into the appropriate boxes the field names of the Message Submission form of the Bulletin Board  you want to add to the List.

    3. Press OK

    Automatic Mode

    1. In the form (Addition of a new board to the list)  look for "Form URL" (at the bottom of the frame)

    2. Enter into the box the URL address where the message submission form of the Bulletin Board  is located (the address must start with http:// )

    3. Connected to the Internet.

    4. Press the "Auto" button.  A pop-up window will be displayed. The program will make attempt to analyze the message submission  form of the bulletin board.  If on the message submission form page of the bulletin board you are attempting to add to the list there is more than one form, a window will appear prompting you to select which of the forms to analyse and add to the list. You must choose one of the forms, normally the one with POST and press OK.  The program  will automatically fill in some fields of the form -  if the fields names matches the default.

    5. Check to see if all fields of the form are filled. You can do this visually or by selecting  the drop-down list "Select".

    6. If some fields are empty and there are parameters displayed in the Select drop-down list, then you should distribute the parameters among the empty fields to the left of the drop-down list. Here you must use your sense of judgement to assign the parameters to the appropriate boxes.

    7. If the parameter values do not match names of the fields to the left or after all the fields are filled and there are still parameters in the Select list (i.e. more values than number of fields) then you should move the extra parameters into the reserve fields of the form. To do this, press the button "Move Unselected field names into Reserve == >" and  Press "Ok". You will returned to "Addition of a new board into the list " section.

    8. If you are familiar with HTML, go to the internet and open the submission form page in your browser. Check for the HTML codes to find the field names and values of the submission form. Forms fields normally start with the tag <form>, <form action= ...>, "METHOD=POST"  etc.

    9. Copy the field values from the form and assign them to the names in of the Reserved fields.

    10. Enter the name of the Bulletin Board and press "Ok" to add it to the list. The new board is now added and you should see it listed at the bottom of the Board List. You are done with the most difficult aspect. Congratulations!

    Editing the submission form of a particular bulletin board in the Board list.

    In the list of boards select the bulletin board and press "Edit". Edit the necessary information and press OK.

    Operation with e-mail addresses.

    Manually Adding E-mail Entries

    1. Click on "E-mail Base" button on the main screen

    2. Enter the addresses you want to process in the box (you can copy, cut or  paste entries. You can also load a list of e-mail addresses from a text file.

    3. Click on the button "Add New". The e-mail address will show in the window.

    4. Click on the button "Save e-mail list"

    Deleting E-mail Entries

    1. Select the e-mail entries you want to delete from the list.

    2. Click on the button "Delete Selected".

    Extracting E-mail addresses from Web Resources

    With IfBoards you can automatically extract bulk  e-mail addresses from internet resources such as  bulletin boards, yellow pages, search engines and catalogues, classified advertisement pages etc.

    1. Enter the URL of the Resource (trade boards, yellow pages, search engines etc.). The URL of the resources must start with http://

    2. Connect to Internet.

    3. Click on the button "Read addresses from the selected page" and wait for IfBoards to connect to the URL address. Within a few minutes you will see the window with new e-mail addresses being added. Duplicate addresses are automatically removed from the e-mail list. Only e-mail addresses not present in the list are added.

    4. Click on "Save e-mail list" to save your new e-mail base

    5. You can also save the URL  for future use or delete the URL after scanning. Click on the appropriate button.

    Bulk-Mailing with IfBoards

    With IfBoards you can use Microsoft Outlook or other e-mail programs as a Mailing List Server, so you can easily create and manage lists of people interested in your web site, products, company or other subjects.
    The IfBoards database can handle hundreds of thousands of entries and many different mailing lists and allows you to easily send messages to the entire database or a selection of lists.
    IfBoards will help you to send a single letter to multiple e-mail recipients or group of recipients.

    1. Choose the necessary e-mail list.

    2. Fill the message form with Subject (Theme), Message Text and other information.

    3. Click  "Prepare the letters"

    4. Separate letter to each of the list recipients will be prepared and automatically sent to the UNSENT box of your default mail program (for example, Outlook Express) for further delivery at your convenience.

    Note: While e-mail list management and sending is supported for any MAPI compliant e-mail program, such as Netscape Messenger, most of IfBoards extended functionality works best  with Microsoft Outlook.

    Demo mode.

    Most automatic functions  are disabled in the demonstration mode. In the demonstration mode you can not:

    • Edit or add new bulletin boards to the board lists

    • You can send message to bulletin boards automatically

    • Have assess to most of the automatic functions during operation with e-mail addresses: scanning address from internet resources, saving e-mail lists, bulk-mailing etc.

    • Submit your message to more 20 bulletin or trade boards per session

    Besides, in the background window advertisement  pages (approximately once in a session will load up) and link to our site is automatcally attached to every message you submit.


    IfBoards is copyright protected.
    For you to have access to all the automatic functions and to submit your trade messages to as many trade boards as you want, automatically add more new boards to the database, automatically scan and collect  millions of e-mail addresses from internet resources and bulk-mail your letters to thousands of recipients, you must register your  copy ofIfBoards
    . Registration costs only U$25.

    How to Register IfBoards

    In the main menu select "?" and then "Registration code". Copy the generated code and e-mail it to. Include your name, address and other contact information for feedback. We will issue you an invoice with our bank information and payment procedure. After payment, we will send to you your personalised key with instruction on how to use the key to register the program.
    After registration you will have access to all the automatic functions not accessible in the demonstration mode, online support, updates etc. All advertisement pop-ups in the demo version will be automatically removed from the program. Your registration key will also be valid for all future versions of
    IfBoards. Full Registration costs only U$50.

    Dowload:IFBoards. Версия 7.0

    Base of boards to the program:doski.zip.


    Website: http://ifboards.ru :: http://ifboards.narod.ru :: http://all-inet.cru

    Payment it is accepted through payment system:

    - Webmoney, account: Z470233654834 and through

    - E-golg the account: 597845.

     ::IFBoards-soft :: Copyright  © 2002 ПОИСК - PILOT-233

    Программные разработки И.Филимонов